Dragon of the Armagideon

In and around the year 2154 a.d. Thé Dragon of the Chinese empire will arise from the burial ashes of this forefather’s great grandmother of jewelry and incestial behavior.

It is thé sign that the Apocalypse is begun.

What will it look like?

First off, it won’t be a hologram or anything.

It will be a real life motherfucking flying dragon.

Where does it come from? From the belly of the Netherworld, the Abyss of the war of the worlds.

Nothing to do with Aldous Huxley. It’s just that, a war is going on already. It has begun, the Armageddon of our time is begun.

In 2051, a first sign will come from the heavens, a “fireball” with a giant green-red-orangish tale will be the harbinger of doom.

The dragon will awaken, and the Armenian flag will change colors a little after, meaning, from red blue orange, horizontal stripes, to vertically perfectly aligned green|red|blue.


It is a sign that the dragon has awoken.

A red sluggish counterfeit dragon beast will also arise in the West, short of Cuba.

It is to confuse people, and also to harvest powers from the hungry people.

But don’t be confused.

The real one will come from the Chinese empire. It will look like it has a brown-dark-red nose. Whilst the one near Cuba will have a white-orange nose.

Having said all this, the fierce competition will be between the two warring horses. The Horse of the Apocalypse on one side, and the Horse of the Belly’s Smyrrh on the other side.

Who will win?

That is mighty tough to say.

Actually, I know the answer, but like I said, it is mighty tough to say.

Now, when these warring horses are on the verge of going into battle between eachother, one will whisper a voice of the “Devil” into the other horse. And that horse will become emperor of the world for 1.254 years.

I know, I know folks, I know what the Bible says, but don’t take it too literally.
It is a battle fought out between forces, and the Bible did kind of foretell about this. But it is SO much more.

It’s also got to do with ALL the major and some minor religions of the world, and the abysmal nature astrology is in right now.

Actually, as a matter of fact, there is only one author who to trust when it comes to astrology.

That is the extremely hard to find ‘maverick‘ J. N. Bhasin.

I have ALL of his works, including the one that bears a different author’s name. Yes, he had to do it, but it’s his work nonetheless. It is called: Maharshi Parasara’s Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra. I am like the only person who knows that J. N. Bhasin wrote this work.

It is a masterpiece of the highest order.

Now, the war also has to do with heavenly re-order. The Guardians of the Heavenly Gates Reside where the Elves of Helm’s deep Order of Chaos reveal their thoughts.

9.11 was a foretelling of the future.

It, this horrendous piece of shit event, happens on every friggin’ planet.

One more thing: Don’t fear this dragon, as it won’t attack you.

It will only attack the counterfeit dragon and disappear thusly.